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The following is from a private email from Robert L. Smith: “The Registers often do not go beyond 1550 and in most of the parishes and where they do, it is difficult to decipher the sketchy records. In Shepreth the records indicate a John Marvell (3) was born in 1551. He could well have been the John that was the father of John (2) and Rev. Andrew. This John (3) was the son of John (4) born in 1528. He was the son of John de Marvell (5). This   lineage has been extended to Sir Rogerus de Marvyll of Sandbach, Kunsford, County Chester, who came out of France with William the Conqueror in 1066. With a generous helping of imagination it can be said to include Hugh de Meurville who was one of the four Knights who assassinated Archbishop Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral in 117O.”

“In the village of Meldreth in Cambridgeshire, there is an old manor house called “The
Marvells.” It was in Meldreth where Andrew Marvell, the elder, was born in 1586 – From Burke’s “General Armory of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales: “Andrew Marvel: (note spelling). The patriotic member of Parliament, temp. Chas. I and II. or, a chev. engr. between three leopards’ facessa. Crest: out of a ducal coronetor, a plume of featlrers ar\””rt has been written that the first “Marvel” to settle in England came from Merville in France but there is a Merville in Flanders, decimated in WW I, and a Merville in Normandy, decimated in WW II/’ The court records show that in 1331 “John Mervele drew blood maliciously upon Nicholas the cobbler” and was fined twelve-pence.” “Andrew Marvell’s name is among the list of Rectors in the All Saints Church in Melboum.””There is a beautiful Marvell Court in Meldreth including a house formally owned by the Rev. Andrew Marvell. Inside the old part of the house is a mirror designed by super imposing an “A” over a “M”. It is now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Powles.”

Children of JOHN MARVELL and MARGARET are:

1.WARREN MARVELL, b. Jun 02,1527, Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, England.
2. THOMAS MARVELL, b. Jul 02,1527, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England; d. Jan 02,1555/56.
3. JOHN MARVELL, b. Jul 02,1527, Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, England,
4. WARD MARVELL, b. Jul 02,1527, Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, England.

Generation No. 2

2.THOMAS MARVELL (JOHN) was born Jul 02,1527 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England, and died Jan 02, 1555/56. He married ELIZABETH. She was born Abt. 1534 in England.


3.i. JOHN MARVELL, SR., b. 1540, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England; d. Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England.
4.ii. DANIEL MARVELL, b. Abt. 1550, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng.

Generation No. 3

3.JOHN MARVELL, SR. (THOMAS, JOHN) was born 1540 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England, and died in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England.

Notes for JOHN MARVELL, SR.: According to Bardsley in his “English and Welsh Surnames,” the name Marvel, or Marvellis, a nickname meaning “the marvel”. Medieval English, Mervaile; French, Mereveille; THE WONDER. Probably the name of some youthful prodigy in learning or physical prowess. Name now found in Yorkshire. John Marvell (born 1540) was a descendant of Robert de Mervelle of France. The Marvel family moved to England to escape religious persecution.

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The Marvel or Marvell family were originally from France, having come to England about the year 1200. It is said the descendant, Robert de Mervelle of France, fought with William the Conqueror. They settled in the parishes of Melbourne, Meldreth and Shepreth in Cambridgeshire where they resided for centuries. The name is now almost extinct in this locality, although there are a few of the name in Yorkshire, who no doubt are descended from the same family.

Motto in Latin – IN HOC SIGNO, VINCAS – By this sign, we conquer.
Evolution of Norman French Family Name:
La Merveille – Granite Rock (across the channel) on the coast of Normandy.
Merveille -1091 – City of Maritime, Flanders.
Robert Merveille – English Norman French in England.
Robert Merville – County Cambridge
Robert Marvyle – County Cambridge
Thomas Marvell – County Cambridge
John Marvel – Accomack County, Virginia, United States

SOURCE: 1. O’Connor, Charles A., The Marvel Family in England, p. 296, 2.Letter and enclosures from William Lee Marvel, son of Augustus Mitchell Marvel and Marilyn Louise Marvel Essary, daughter of Billy Bryan Marvel. Both are the grandchildren of Lewis Whitsel Marvel. Letter was dated May, 1994. 3.Letter from Mr. Carl S. Marvel, son of John Thomas Marvel, grandson to Joseph Wiley Marvel. Letter written from The University of Arizona dated June 4,1969. 4.Compiled list from Jane Carol Marvel Fender dated November 6,1969. Her information was taken from a History of the Marvel Family, by Mildred Marvel Burwell (Mrs. Vernon). 5.Census taken by Jane Carol Marvel Fender from the Wayne County, Illinois Census, copies by her from the original Census in Washington, D.C. and from tomb stones in Wayne County, copied by her parents. 6.Mr. Billy Earnest Marvel taken from the Marvel Family Bible (1994) Uncle Bill has the original sheepskin deed
to the Marvel Farm located in Fairfield, Illinois (hanging in his living room).

Children of JOHN MARVELL, SR. are:

5.i. ANDREW MARVELL, b. Abt. 1560, Meldreth, Cambridgeshire; d. Apr 1628, Hull,
ii. ROBERT MARVELL, b. Nov 25,1561, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England.
iii. JANE MARVELL, b. Nov 15,1563, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England.
6.iv. JOHN MARVELL, JR., b. Nov 02,1569, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng.;d:Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England.

4. DANIEL MARVELL (THOMAS, JOHN) was born Abt. 1550 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng.. He married PARNELL BRASYER Mar 28,1574 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng.. She was born Abt. 1556.

More About DANIEL MARVELL: Burial: May 03,1587, Melbourne, Cambridge, England; Jan 02,1555/56, Christened

i. THOMAS MARVELL, b. Jun 19,1575, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng.
7.ii. JOHN MARVELL, b. Jan 06,1575/76.
iii. AGNES MARVELL, b. Oct 07,1581, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng.; m. ROGER
ANDROES, Sep 29,1609.
iv. EDWARD MARVELL, b. Dec 07,1581, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng. Jan 06,
1575/76, Christened
v. WARREN MARVELL, b. Feb 27,1583/84, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng. 1 .html 8/12/2007

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Generation No. 4

5.ANDREW MARVELL (JOHN, THOMAS, JOHN) was bora Abt. 1560 in Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, and died Apr 1628 in Hull.

Notes for ANDREW MARVELL: The information regarding Andrew Marvell being one of the children of John Marvell is only a guess since the dates of birth are consistent with this time frame. It is not a proven fact that Andrew Marvell is one of this family’s children. Andrew Marvel’s information furnished by Mark Blaydes ( on June 1,2004.


8.i. REV. ANDREW MARVELL, b. 1586, Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, England; d. Jan
23,1640/41, Lost in crossing the Humber.

6.JOHN MARVELL, JR. (JOHN, THOMAS, JOHN) was born Nov 02,1569 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng., and died in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England. Nov 02,1569, Christened

Child of JOHN MARVELL, JR. is:

9.i. THOMAS MARVELL, b. 1594, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England; d.
Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England.

7.JOHN MARVELL (DANIEL, THOMAS, JOHN) was born Jan 06,1575/76. He married (1) ELIZABETH MUNES/MANES/MINE Sep 12,1604 in St. Paul’s, Bedford, Eng.. He married (2) ALICE GENTLE/GENT Oct 06, 1610 in St. Paul’s, Bedford, Eng.

More About ELIZABETH MUNES/MANES/MINE: Burial: May 02,1610, St. Paul’s, Bedford, England


i. WILLIAM MARVELL. Burial: Sep 09,1610, St. Paul’s, Bedford, England; Apr 16,
1610, Christened
ii. THOMAS MARVELL Burial: Oct 13,1611, St. Paul’s, Bedford, England; Apr 16,
1610, Christened


10.iii. WILLIAM MARVELL, b. Apr 17,1614, St. Paul’s, Bedford, Eng.
iv. JOHN MARVELL, b. Apr 17,1614, St. Paul’s, Bedford, Eng.
v. ALICE MARVELL, b. Apr 30,1616, St. Paul’s, Bedford, Eng.
vi. DANIEL MARVELL, b. Jul 04,1619, St. Paul’s, Bedford, Eng..

Generation No. 5

Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, England, and died Jan 23,1640/41 in Lost in crossing the
Humber. He married (1) ANNE PEASE Oct 22,1612 in Cherry Burton, Yorkshire. She
was born Abt. 1590, and died Apr 13,1638. He married (2) LUCY ALURED Nov 27,1638
in Norton, daughter of JOHN ALURED. She was born Abt. 1590, and died 1664.

More About ANNE PEASE: Burial: Apr 28,1638, Holy Trinity Church Hall.

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Children of REV. ANDREW MARVELL and ANNE PEASE are: 1 .html 8/12/2007

11.i. ANNE MARVELL, b. Mar 14,1614/15; d. Apr 1697-
12.ii. MARY MARVELL, b. 1616; d. 1678.
13.iii. ELIZABETH MARVELL, b. 1618.
iv. ANDREW MARVELL, b. Mar 31,1621, Winstead, Holderness, Yorkshire; d. Aug 16,
1678, Overdose of an opiate taken during an attack of ague. London, England; m.
MARY PALMER, May 1677.

Notes for ANDREW MARVELL: In his lifetime the English poet, Winestead-in-
Holderness, was known as a Puritan member of Parliament who published political
verse satires and a satirical prose argument, The Rehearsal Transprosed (1692), in
favor of toleration. In the 20th Century he is remembered from a small body of lyric
poems not published until after his death, which have earned him a reputation
matched only by that of John Donne. “To His Coy Mistress” and “The Garden”
perfectly embody qualities now treasured in X7th-Century lyrics—what T.S. Eliot called
their characteristic “wit, a touch reasonableness beneath the slight lyric grace,” and
their urbanely balanced “alliance of levity and seriousness. like his older contemporary John Milton, Marvell was educated at Cambridge University, then a stronghold of Puritan religious conviction. He spent some time abroad, acted as tutor to the daughter of Lord Fairfax and to a ward of Oliver Cromwell, and in 1657 was appointed assistant to Milton, the Latin Secretary to Cromwell’s government. From 1659 until his death, during which time his satires were published, he served as member of Parliament for Hull. The kind of wit characteristic of MarvelTs poems associates him with Donne; the cultural tradition that enriches them—Latin, European, and English—likens them to Ben Jonson’s verse. The quality peculiar to the poems is a detachment, an elusiveness, a personal evasiveness, with which Marvell frames the speakers in his “Mower” poems, or views “The Picture of little T.C., or balances moral estimates of Cromwell in “An Horatian Ode.” This detachment, or even burlesques of poetic conventions, and which often end in brilliant anticlimax.

Source: Bibliography: Colie, Rosalie, “My Echoing Song”: Andrew Marvefl’s Poetry of
Criticism (1970); Donno, E.S., ed., Andrew Marvell: The Critical Heritage (1978);
Hunt, John D., Andrew Marvell: His life and Writings (1978); Hyman, Lawrence W.,
Andrew Marvell (1964); Legouis, Pierre, Andrew Marvell: Poet, Puritan, Patriot, 2d ed.
(1968); Lord, George D., ed., Andrew Marvell: A Collection of Critical Essays (1968);
Stacker, M., Apocalyptic Marvell (1986); Wilcher, R., Andrew Marvell (1985).

Cause of Death: DROWNING; Medical Information: CONTEMPORARIES

Marriage Notes for ANDREW MARVELL and MARY PALMER: Rumored to be a
disputed marriage.
v. JOHN MARVELL, b. 1623, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England; d. 1624. Burial:
Sep 20,1624, Winestead.

9. THOMAS MARVELL (JOHN, JOHN^ THOMAS, JOHN) was born 1594 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England, and died in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England. He married MARY WRIGHT Jun 08,1617 in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, Eng.. She was born 1596 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England, and died in England.

Notes for THOMAS MARVELL: Thomas Marvell was a first cousin of Andrew Marvell – Garden Poet, Latin Tutor to Mary, daughter of Lord Fairfax, Chancellor of Exchequor, Writer of Literature. http://www.marvelcreations. com/marvel 1 .html 8/12/2007

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i. THOMAS MARVELL, b. May 10,1618, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng.
ii. MARY MARVELL, b. Apr 14,1620, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng..
iii. DANIEL MARVELL, b. Sep 03,1623, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, ENG.
iv. SUSANNA MARVELL, b. Apr 18,1626, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng..
v. ROBERT MARVELL, b. Nov 22,1629, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, Eng.. JOHN MARVEL, SR., b. Aug 04,1632, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England; d.
Jul 29,1707, Somerset Co., MD.

10.WILLIAM MARVELL (JOHN^ DANIEL, THOMAS^ JOHN) was born Apr 17,1614 in St. Paul’s, Bedford, Eng.. He married ELIZABETH/ISABEL CROCKER Oct 16,1636 in St. Paul’s, Bedford, Eng.. She was born 1614.

More About WILLIAM MARVELL: Apr 17,1614, Christened

More About ELIZABETH/ISABEL CROCKER: Burial: Jan 25,1651/52, St. Paul’s^ Bedford, England



Generation No. 6

11.ANNE MARVELL (REV. ANDREW, ANDREW, JOHN, THOMAS, JOHN) was born Mar 14,1614/15, and died Apr 1697. She married JAMES BLAIDES Dec 29,1633 in Charterhouse Chapel, Hull, Yorkshire, son of JOSEPH BLAIDES and ANN BOOTH. He was born Abt. May 1604 in Sutton, and died May 09,1657.

More About ANNE MARVELL: Burial: Apr io, 1697, St. Mary’s Lowgate, Hull, Yorkshire.

Notes for JAMES BLAIDES: The Blaides changed the spelling of their last name to Blaydes. They were wealthy ship builders and shipping merchants in Hull. “Blaydes House” is still in Hull and is now used as a Maritime History museum by Hull University. It was the Blaydes ship yard that built the infamous ship “The Bounty”. Lord of the Manors of Sutton with Bransholme, Sudcoates and Sculcoates. Justice of the Peace and Freeman of Hull January 16,1633. Chamberlain of Hull in 1651. When Andrew Marvell died without issue, the Marvell family crest and arms were carried on in the Blaydes family through Ann by Royal Assent.

More About JAMES BLAIDES: Baptism: May 17,1604, St. Mary’s Lowgate, Hull, Yorkshire


i. ANDREW BLAIDES, b. 1634; d. Nov 20,1646. Andrew Blaydes was the eldest son
and was baptized at Holy Trinity, Hull. He died unmarried.
ii. JOSEPH BLAIDES, b. Oct 1634; d. Sep 1692, Hull.
iii. ANN BLAIDES, b. Jan 1635/36; d. Feb 28,1646/47. Baptized at Holy Trinity, Hull
on Jan 7,1636.
iv. ELIZABETH BLAIDES, b. Jul 1638.
vi. JANE BLAIDES, b. Mar 1641/42.
vii. LYDIA BLAIDES, b. Abt. 1655.

viii. MARY BLAIDES, b. Abt. 1657.

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12.MARY MARVELL (REV. ANDREW^ ANDREW, JOHN, THOMAS, JOHN) was born 1616, and died 1678. She married EDWARD POPPLE Aug 18,1636. He was bom Abt. 1615.

Notes for EDWARD POPPLE: Edmund Popple was described in the marriage registry of Holy Trinity as a “Nautam”. He would became one of the wardens of Trinity House, Hull, and a Sheriff of Hull, in which capacity he was able to assist in making the poet Andrew Marvell (his brother-in-law) a “free burgesse* of the Corporation of Hull. He also acted as Marvel’s banker and business adviser.


i. WILLIAM POPPLE, b. 1638.

13.ELIZABETH MARVELL (REV. ANDREW, ANDREW, JOHN, THOMAS, JOHN) was born 1618. She married ROBERT MORE 1639, son of GEORGE MORE and ELIZABETH STRINGER. He was born Dec 1610.

i. ELIZABETH MORE, b. Oct 1642.

14.JOHN MARVEL, SR. (THOMAS MARVELL, JOHN, JOHN, THOMAS, JOHN) was born Aug 04,1632 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England, and died Jul 29,1707 in Somerset Co., MD. He married ANN WEST 1663 in Accomack Co., Va., daughter of JOHNATHAN WEST and CATHERINE. She was born 1632 in Accomack Co., Virginia, and died 1710 in Worchester County, Maryland.

Notes for JOHN MARVEL, SR.: The first Marvel came from Normandy and settled in Marvelle/Marvaile, France. His name was Robert de (of) Marvelle. He served under Duke William (1028-1087), known as William the Conqueror, ruler of the independent duchy of Normandy, who defeated England at the battle of Hastings in 1066. At that time Robert de (of) Marvelle/Marvaile stood up and proclaimed himself Robert Marvel.

The Marvels settled in the parishes of Melbourne, Meldreth and Shepreth in Cambridgeshire where they resided for centuries. John Marvel was born in the parish of Melbourne on May 27,1630. He was a son of Thomas Marvel who was born in the same parish in 1594. John, the original emigrant to America, sailed with a number of young men for the district of Virginia (and possibly Maryland) in 1661. Later descendants of Robert Marvel and John Marvel state they were known in Virginia/Maryland for their good wine and fast horses.

Original immigrant. John sailed with a number of young men of the district for Virginia in 1661

(1) John Marvel appears to have been the first person of this family in America. His name was included in a list of 61 persons transferred from England to Charles Scarburg of Northampton County, Virginia, who on May 10,1652, was granted 3.050 acres of land in that county. Early records show several different spellings of the name: Marvel, Marvil, Marvell, Maruell. John Marvel married Ann West, daughter of Jonathan and Catherine ? West, in 1663, and they had two sons, Thomas Marvel and John Marvel, Jr.

On May 15, 1680, John Marvel, Sr., entered into an agreement whereby he gave and bequeathed his son, John Marvel, Jr., to William Jarman to be educated and employed at his discretion until he reached the age of twenty-one. In consideration therefore Jarman was to give and grant John Marvel, Jr., 100 acres of land.

Later, on October 14,1695, John Marvel, Jr., deeded to his mother and father, lifetime.

John Marvel appeared in the Accomack County tax list in 1669 and continued to appear in other lists. John Marvel, Sr., died in 1707 and the files indicate that he was seventy-five years of age which would mean that he was born in 1632. His will mentioned Thomas Marvel (apparently his son), Jonathan West, Mrs. Catherine West, and Mrs. Mathilda West, who was named executrix. Mrs. Mathilda West was the daughter of Colonel Edmond and Mary Scarburg and the widow of John West. (2) ….. 1 .html 8/12/2007