Steininger Genealogy

I have been trying to find the connection between the Steininger families of Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, I have not.  However, I am making progress.  I have found several items that may lead to a solution.

Immigration of the Steininger family from Bavaria and Württemberg came early in the new country.

Jurgh Steiniger (Georg or George Steininger) arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the ship James Goodwill from Rotterdam, September 27, 1727.  According to the book – Pennsylvania German Pioneers….* on page 10 – Jurgh Steiniger is listing is: Men to be sworn 1 Number in family 7.  That means that he and his family came together.

Johan Leonard Steininger arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Britannia September 11, 1731.  According to the book Pennsylvania German Pioneers… on page 48, Johan at the age of 35, left from Rotterdam and traveled to Philadelphia. This would make his birth year as 1696. The information in the book did not indicate that he came with anyone. On page 52, is a listing of individuals who took the Oath of Allegiance after they arrived.  In this listing Johan is listed as Leonhart Steininger.

Johann Leonhart Stein(inger) arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Hope August 28, 1733 from Rotterdam.  According to the book Pennsylvania German Pioneers…, Johann is listed on page 120.  His birth date is not listed in the book.

Magdalena Steininger arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Mercury May 29, 1735.  According to the book Pennsylvania German Pioneers…  on page 147, Magdalena was 30 when she arrived.

  • Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808: in three volumes. by Ralph Beaver Strassburger and William John Hinke from Camden, M. Picton Press 1992.

Jurgh (George) Stininger was one of the original inhabitants of Lehigh County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  From the History of Lehigh County Pennsylvania – Volume 1 – published in 1914 the following

Macungie township was the next to be organized. Edward Scull surveyed the proposed township at the request of the inhabitants on Jan. 28, 1742, and on June 16, 1743, they presented their petition to the Bucks county court, as
                 “To the Honourable Justices of the Peace holding Court at Newtown, the Sixteenth day of June, 1743:
“The humble petition of us, the Inhabitants of Macongy, humbly sheweth that your Petitioners lived this many years without any Township laydout but have been at the chargé of having it surveyed. We desire that you in your goodness would be pleased to confirm the same unto us, your Petitioners, according to this Draught annexed, and your Petitioners as per Duty bound, shall ever Pray.”
            Peter Tracksler                Henry Shoeth
            Melchor Smith                 George Stininger
           Jere, Tracksler                 Jacob Mier
           Jere Tracksler                  George Hayn
           Frederick Romig               Adam Koch
            Peter Walbert, Jun.         Casper Mier
          Philip Smier                       Joseph Allbright     John Clymer                     Jacob Wagner          Adam Brous

The court records state: “Petition read June,1743, from Macungie for a township. Ordered
that the Prayer of the Petitioners be granted unless some reasons be offered to the Court against it.

 In this year, 1743, the township contained six hundred and fifty inhabitants. These three townships were the only ones erected while Lehigh county was a part of Bucks county.










Johan Leonard Steininger was born about 1696 in Bayem, Traunstein, Bayern, Germany.  In 1731 Johan Steininger sailed on the ship Britannia to the North American colonies.  He landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 21, 1731 at the age of 35.  He married Anna Barbara (Unknown last name) in 1739.  They had five children – (1)  Christian Leonard   (2) Catherine  (3) John Leonard  (4) George Daniel  (5) Leonhard.

Descendant Report for John Leonard Steininger

Descendants of Johan Leonard Steininger


The Family of Howard Steininger

(HOWARD6 STEININGER (Reuben5, George B4, John Jacob3, John Leonard2, Johan Leonard1)

Howard Steininger was born in Pine Township, Columbia, Pennsylvania in February of 1863 to Reuben Steininger and Sophia Walters.  By 1880, Howard traveled West to Indiana settling in Fulton County, Indiana.  There he met a young Miss Eliza Anna Beehler.  They married September 23, 1883 in Fulton County, Indiana.  Howard was a preacher as the Huntington Weekly Herald reported in 1900 of the Evangelical denomination.  A couple of newspaper articles about Rev. Steininger have been found.

Reported in the Daily News-Democrat in Huntington, Indiana and appeared on page 1.

Rev. H. Steininger, pastor of the Evangelical church at Logansport and formerly pastor in this city, was slightly injured in a thrilling runaway Monday.  The reverend gentleman was driving down a steep incline in a light road wagon.  The horse took fright and started to run.  The wagon swinging from side to side struck a tree in front of Tet Nave’s grocery and the horse in his fury to get free, overturned the buggy and spilled the minister into the street.  Rev. Steininger was not much hurt, only sustaining a few bruises.

The Huntington-Weekly Herald, of Huntington, Indiana, reported on Friday May 18, 1900 on page 1 that Rev. Steininger, a minister of the Evangelical denomination was caught by Fish Warden Sala, of Vincennes engaging in illegal fishing.  Fish Warden Sala was disguised as a farm hand and laid in wait for violators of the law.  After being caught Rev. Steininger promised to appear in court and he was released by the Fish Warden.

Howard Steininger moved to Beebee, Arkansas and set up a farm there.  A horrible accident happened while in Beebee, Howard Steininger was killed.  On Saturday June 28, 1919, Howard took a team to his barn which was some distance from the house.  By evening, those in the house went to look for him and found Howard’s body unrecognizable in a mule’s stall.  One leg was broken in two places, one ear was off, several ribs were broken, and his body was a mass of cuts and bruises. Howard lived until the next morning Sunday June 29th.  He was taken back to Logansport, Indiana by his son Forest Steininger and Chauncey Hiatt.  Howard Steininger was 56 at the time of his death.  He is buried in the South Germany Cemetery in Pershing Township, Fulton County, Indiana.

Howard and Eliza Anna Beehler had 5 children:

(1)  Irvin Jay Steininger

(2)  Forest Ray Steininger

(3)  Gladys Armitta Steininger

(4)  Herman Paul Steininger

(5)  George Edward Steininger