Descendant Listing

The Descendant Reports listed on this page are from my research as of July 1st, 2024. I know that they may not be complete. Keep in mind that they are a continuous work in progress.

Marvel Families

Robert Marville Descendants with Index Listing

John Marvel first to come to the Virginia Colony 1652 Descendants of John Marvell Sr – with Sources

Sons of Thomas Marvel Sr. with descendants. (Click on the descendants to bring up a PDF of the descendant reports)

Thomas Marvel Jr. Descendants of Thomas Marvel Jr.

Philip Marvel Descendants of Philip Phillip Marvel Sr.

Robert Marvel (Planter) Descendants of Robert Marvel (Planter)

The families listed below are those that I have found connections to in my Family Tree in one way or another. The work is on going and may not be complete. If you have any comments, please let me know. – Alan Marvel

Steininger Family

Hannas Steininger Hannas Steininger 10 Generations

Weaver Family

John Weaver (1741) John Weaver (1741) – 6 Generation Report

Hayes Family

Martin Hayes Martin Hayes 5 Generation Report

Hardesty Family

Richard Hardesty (1790-1849) Richard Hardesty 5 Generations Report

Moss Family

Anton Maus (1459-1510) Anton Maus (1459-1510) – 15 Generation Report

Peters Family

Hieronymus Peter (1729-1811) Hieronymus Peter (1729-1811) – 7 Generation Report

Boschet Family

Johann Leonhard Boschet (1768) Johann Leonhard Boschet (1768) – 7 Generations Report