Newspaper articles on Various Marvelous Marvels

From the Belleville News Democrat — Belleville, Illinois dated September 19, 1912

IS UNDER $400 BOND                                                                                                                Fred Marvel Charged With Wife Abandonment

Fred Marvel was placed under $400 bond for the grand jury in Justice Louis Wangelin’s court on Thursday morning on the charge of wife abandonment.  The complaint was made by Mrs. Mary Marvel, his wife.

Marvel was arrested by Captain Schilling at the home of Wynona Davis at Main and Switzer streets on Tuesday night, after Mrs. Marvel had made complaint.

Marvel furnished the bond and is at liberty pending an investigation of the charge by the grand jury.


From the St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, Vermont dated ?   page 2

“One of the recent inmates of the county jail at Centreville, Queen Anne’s county, Maryland, was George W. Marvel, of that county.  Mr. Marvel’s crime was setting out tomato plants in his own garden patch on Sunday.  He had observed the previous day as the Sabbath in obedience to the command of God as given through Moses to the children of Israel, and which has never been changed in line or letter by any divine sanction, and which, moreover, is not changeable by finite edict.  Mr. Marvel has a wife and eleven children, most of the latter being dependent upon him for their daily bread.  He was arrested at the instance of his own son, who holds the office of constable and who went to his father’s house on purpose to catch him breaking an statute of the state of Maryland enacted more than a century ago.  And this was done in the name of the Christian religion and in a state in whose Bill of Rights it is expressly provided: All persons are equally entitled to protection in their religious liberty: where fore, no person might by any law, to be molested in his person or estate on account of his religious persuasion or profession, or for his religious practice.”


From Grand Rapids – The Evening Press,  Grand Rapids, Michigan dated March 25,1903

SUES FOR BIG SUM                                                                                                        Erstwhile Promoter Seeks to Recover Three Millions.  William D. Marvel Had a Scheme to Exploit Spanish Mines Which Failed.

Morristown, N.J.  March 25 –  Mrs. George F. Stone, a resident of this place has, for a third time, been made defendant in a suit for damages by William D. Marvel, who seeks to recover $3,000,000 from the estate of George E. Stone, who died in January, 1895.

The suit involves mines near the Mediterranean and Royal concessions from Spain.  According to the complaint, Marvel went to Spain in 1868 and secured four iron mines about two miles from Almerla.  He also secured a charter from the Spanish government for building a narrow gauge railroad from the mines to the seashore.  His plan was to build the railway, work the mines and sell and ship the ore, from which he expected to produce the finest steel.

On his return to this country the Marvel Company, limited, was organized with a capital of $1,000,000.  Mr. Stone was a special partner.  The venture was not successful and later the whole business was placed in the hands of Stone, who placed bonds of the company in London.  Even that proved unproductive, and finally everything came to a standstill.  Marvel declares Stone responsible for the collapse.


From the Wilkes-Barre Times, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania dated April 12, 1909 page 13.

FISH DEALER IS CHARGE WITH LAW VIOLATION                                                          Warden Makes Complaint Against I.D. Marvel’s Market –   QUESTION OF LAW INVOLVED – TROUT SHIPPED FROM YORK STATE HERE CAUSES TROUBLE.

I.D. Marvel, the South Main street produce dealer, was arrested to-day at the instance of the State fish authorities, charged with selling trout out of season which were shipped here from New York State.  The proprietor of on the the principal hotels was also arrested together with Marvel, having purchased some of the fish from the latter.

The hearing took place to-day before Alderman Pollock, but the alderman withheld his decision, there being a question whether or not game fish, which are protected under law, can be shipped from one state to the other and sold during the closed season.

The arrest was made at the instance of the local fish warden R. Marcy, of Ashley, assisted by the State fish warden W. E. Shoemaker, of Laceyville, Attorney Joseph Fleltz represented the fish wardens, while attorneys Goeckel and Fell represented the defendants.

Mr. Marvel showed letters which he received from New York state stating that it was permissible to sell hatchery trout in this state that are shipped here from the Empire state.  He also presented bills to show that he had purchased the same from New York in order to make it clear that the fish had not been secured from local waters.

The wardens were not sure whether it was permissible to sell the fish here in the open market and quite an argument ensued among the attorneys.  At first it was questioned whether or not the fish were of the speckled brook variety it was quite conclusively shown, however, that the fish were the speckled beauties but that they were hatchery fed.

Warden Shoemaker was perfectly willing that the alderman should withhold his decision and in the meantime Attorney Fell promised to submit a brief in the case.  The fish in question filled a water bucket and were taken in charge by the fish warden and were confiscated.


From the Omaha World Herald dated January 26, 1895 page 4


Council Bluffs Nonparell: Democratic newspapers allege that the republican governor of Delaware can neither read nor write.  Inasmuch as Delaware has been democratic for something like half a century one cannot look for a very high degree of intelligence in her people.

Terre Haute Express:  The Delawareans assert that their new governor knows how to read and write.  In Illinois and Colorado people have lamented the fatal facility for talking and writing of their governors.  The experience of many notorious democrats shows that a little learning is a dangerous thing.

Minneapolis Tribune:  Joshua Marvel, who has just been inaugurated governor of Delaware, is one of the most successful business men and shrewdest investors in the state, and yet, it is stated, he is totally unable to read or write.  He cannot even sign his name, and has secured the services of a leading lawyer as his secretary.  This is one of the most remarkable instances on record of a wholly uneducated man attaining great business and political success.  It is a proof that native ability can rise above the disabilities of circumstances or environment.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania dated December 1, 1913

STOPPED MOTHER’S SUICIDE                                                                                            Daughter Clings to Woman Who Fights Men to End Life

FEDERALSBURG, Md.,  Nov. 30 — Running toward William’s Pond last night with her 18-year-old daughter, Esther, clinging to her and screaming, Mrs. Thomas Gordy, a Seaford woman, was stopped by Charles and Robert Marvel, brothers, and prevented from committing suicide by throwing herself into the icy waters.

Mrs. Gordy has been despondent ever since her husband separated from her two months ago, leaving her with six children.  Yesterday she told the oldest daughter her intentions and cautioned her to get good homes for the smaller children, two of whom are twins about 6 ears old.

When her mother left home last night Esther followed.  Seeing she was making for the pond at a rapid pace the young girl ran screaming after her.  Her cries attracted the Marvel brothers’ attention.  Seizing the woman they had to literally drag her home.  The woman fainted from exhaustion after having fought the brothers in her efforts to carry out her desire.  A close watch is now being kept over her.










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