Information and Books about Delaware and the Marvel Family

History of Delaware – On October 25, 1682, William Penn directed that Delaware be divided into townships occupied by 100 families. Each family would have an average of about 10 members (including servants). These townships were referred to as hundreds in an April 9, 1690 order by the Provincial Council. Originally, there were 5 hundreds in New Castle County, 5 in Kent County and 2 in Sussex County. As the population grew, several of the hundreds divided, creating new hundreds. In 1875, the total number of hundreds had grown to the present-day 33 hundreds. Their boundaries have essentially not changed since and no longer serve as judicial or legislative districts.   Several of the names of the hundreds end with the suffix kill (for example Broadkill, Murderkill, etc.). This suffix comes from the Old Dutch word ‘kille’ meaning river bed or channel.  

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Maps of the Delaware Hundreds in 1868 (click on the link)

Map of the Delaware Hundreds from 1875 to the Present

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Pages from the Marvel-Smith Family Bible (click on the link)

Pages from the book – Delaware Bible Records Vol. 1 by Donald O Virdin (click on the link)

Wills of Various Members of the Marvel Family (click on the link)

Marvel Family Information by Pauline Manning Batchelder

The Sussex County, Delaware Tax Lists were gathered together by Nannette Davis. From 1806 to 1850 – Covering the Marvel Family

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Kent County, Delaware – ODD FELLOWS Cemetery Information

This is a complete listing of all of those who were buried in Kent County, Delaware and are found in the Odd fellow Cemetery located in Camden, Delaware

Odd Fellows Cemetery Information was Submitted by Briana and Katie Barnhart Completed as a Girl Scout Silver Award Project – April 26, 2002

ODD FELLOWS CEMETERY located in Laurel, Delaware

A listing of the Marvels found in the Cemetery