Land Transactions for the Marvel Family and Others

Adding to the resentment of the transplanted Marylanders, the Sussex County seat of
Lewes was northerly and remote from them, constituting a two day ride by horseback
for those living in the Little Creek region. Many new Sussex inhabitants simply stopped
recording their legal papers. A few isolated deeds from Lower Sussex are found in
Lewes Town record books during this period, but not many.

During the chaos of the Revolution, few records were filed by anyone. After the war,
beginning about 1782, there was a period of ‘catch-up’ when people took time to record
the land sales, wills and other events of the war period along with the records of
contemporary events. It is at this time a steady trickle of Lower Sussex records appears
in Lewes.

In 1791 in response to numerous petitions and relentless pressure, a new, centrally-
located county seat was erected at Georgetown, and southern Sussex residents finally
began filing their legal papers in Delaware courts on a consistent basis.

From 1769 to 1782, therefore, researchers of Delaware lands south of the
Nantkoke and Indian Rivers will find discouragingly few records in either
Delaware or Maryland. The situation improves from 1782 to 17W, ana
normalizes in 1791 with centrallization of the county seat in George-town,
when all Sussex County records that survive can finally be found in
Sussex County.
Elaine Hastings Mason
May 27,1990

Land Records Sussex County Delaware 1782-1789 Deed Book N No 13 by Elaine Hastings Mason & F. Edward Wright

38 Award on division of lands, 31 May 1783, between  MARY BEVINS & JOSEPH MARVEL: Dispute between BEVINS & MARVEL over land of which they are each part owners; JOHN BEAVANS, LATE OF Suss decd, owned 49 ac in Indian River Hund & his son JOHN BEAVANS inherited it & it was sold at sheriff’s auction by RHOADS SHANKLAND during his ownership, to JOSEPH MARVEL; but ELIZABETH BEAVANS, wid/o JOHN decd has 1/3 dower right to land.  Divided by arbitrators ABRAHAM ADDAMS, JOSHUA COSTON, ROBT WATSON McCALLEY  of Suss: 17 ac of westernmost end, benefit of 1/3 apple orchard during her life to MARY BEAVANS + pymt of cost of MARVEL laying her 1/3 land.                            Wit: ELI McCALLEY, BETSY MACALLY.    (Page 6,)

73 Deed, 11 Oct 1784, CORNELIOUS BEVINS yeoman of Suss sells to PHILIP MARVEL  yeoman of Suss, for 160 (pounds), (reference to CORNELIOUS “BIBBINS”): pt/o tr granted & surveyed for JOSHUA INGLISH formerly of Suss in forrest of Broadkiln Hund. Which INGLISH sold to JAMES RICHARDSON, & then was sold by sheriff to WM STEEL of Suss; & STEEL on 24 Feb 1776 sold it to CORNELIOUS BEVINS, 100 ac. (ref to CORNELIOUS BEVEANS.) attys SIMON KOLLOCK, WM BUTCHER.  Wit: SIMON KOLLOCK, WM BUTCHER, THOS MARVEL.  Ackn 3 Nov 1784. (page 11)

166  Deed 2 Aug 1785.  JOSHUA INGRAM of Suss sells to Phillip Marvel of Suss for 100(pounds): tr “Ingrams Chance”, 50 ac taken up by ROBT INGRAM under MD 5 Apr 1684, who divised it to his son JOSHUA INGRAM by his will: on n side of Lone Pine Savannah, sw of county rd from Indian River to Gravell Branch, now in Del by new state division line.  Wit:  JNO RUSSE, WM FITCHET.  Ackn 5 Aug 1785 (page 24)

227  Deed 9 Feb 1786. THOMAS MARVEL yeoman of Suss sells to Philip Marvel yeoman of Suss for 100(pounds):  100 ac pt/o tr in Broadkiln Hund originally granted by warrant to RICHARD PETTYJOHN late of Suss decd who devised by his will to his son JOHN PETTYJOHN who sold 100 ac to NEHEMIAH REED giving a bond for same; and & REED after assigned the bond to JAMES REYNOLDS to whom the said JOHN PETTYJOHN afterward conveyed the land; & REYNOLDS sold to THOMAS MARVEL afsd; adj fork in road from Lewes Town to EVANS sawmill & Green BR, adj edge of swamp, adj HARRIS’ fence.  Wit: JNO WILTBANK, JOS MILLER.  Ackn 20 Feb 1786.  (page34)

228  Deed 8 Feb  1786.  PHILIP MARVEL yeoman of Suss sells to JONATHAN CAHOON yeoman of Suss for 108(pounds):  tr in Broadkill Hund pt/o tr granted by warrant to RICHARD PETTYJOHN late of Suss decd, who devised to his son JOHN PETTYJOHN  who had entered a written obligation to sell 100 ac of said tr to NEHEMIAH REED, & REED sold to JAMES REYNOLDS who consents that PHILIP MARVEL now sell it to JONATHAN COHOON; same description as in deed above.  Wit; JNO WILTBANK, JOS MILLER. Ackn 20 Feb 1786.  Deed of JOHN PETTYJOHN to JAMES REYNOLDS in Lib N fol 2784 at Lewes.  Deed of JAMES REYNOLDS to THOMAS MARVEL in Lib N11 fol 456 Lewes. (page 34)

261  Deed 3 May 1786.  THOMAS MARVEL, Junr of Suss, yeoman from MATHIAS JOHNES, Suss, yeoman.  200 pounds, parcel of land on s side of branch called Green Branch in Nanticoke Hund, Suss, pt of a larger tr called Support to Double Purchase and the remaining part thereof being pt/o large tr lately taken up by  GEORGE ADAMS and by him conveyed to afsd MATHIAS JONES.  200 ac.  Wit: W. HARRISON.  Ackn 3 May 1786.  (page41)

298   Deed 8 Aug 1786.  WILLIAM JONES, Suss, from MATHIAS JONES, Suss, bricklayer, for 200 pounds, pt/o larger tr called Good Will adj land sold of said tr to THOMAS MARVEL and ELIAS JOHNSON, 173 ac Wit: JONATHAN BOYCE, JOHN WINGATE,  Ackn 9 Aug 1786. (page 50)

300  Thomas Marvel, Worcester Co., yeoman, from James Reynolds, yeoman.  Mortgatge. 25 Nov 1772.  For 25(pounds), tract that once belonged to John Pettyjohn and is the place where the said James Reynolds now lives lying in Broadkill Hundred.  Wit: Robert Watson McCalley, Jno. Pettyjohn.  Within deed of mortgage ackn. 29 May 1773.  (page 73)

456.  Thomas Marvel, Worcester Co., Maryland, from James Reynolds, Sussex Co.  28 Jan 1775.  Tract in Broadkill Hundred being part of a tract granted by proprietor’s warrant to Richard Pettyjohn of Sussex Co., who by his last will devised the afsd. Larger tract to his son, John Pettyjohn who by bond was obliged to convey 100 acres of this land to Nehemiah Reed who assigned the bond to above named James Reynolds before the 100 acres was conveyed.  Beginning at a corner oak standing in the fork of the roads from Lewes Town to Evans’ saw mill and Green Branch, 100 acres for 100 pounds.  Wit: Ann Shankland, Rhoads Shankland.  Within deed of sale ackn. 28 Jan 1775  (page 106)

Land Records Sussex County Delaware

0-14:44.  Deed.  06 May 1789  Matthias JONES of Sussex cnty, DE, yeoman of the one part for the sum of 200(pounds) sold to Thomas MARVEL Jr of cnty afsd, yeoman, of the other part a parcel of land in Nanticoke Hundred, sd cnty, being part of a larger tract called Good Will bounded by land of Abram ADAMS containing 84 acres & another small parcel being part of a larger tract granted to the afsd Abram ADAMS adjoining the 84 acres of land afsd bounded by Elias JOHNSON’s land & Good Will containing 116 acres containing in the whole 200 acres of land.  Mathias JONES by his writing obligatory dtd 01 Mar 1786 to convey sd 200 acres which he did 03 May 1786 but sd Deed of Sales was not satisfactory.  This Indenture, in due form of law replaces sd Deed.  Signed: Matthias M Jones (mark) Wit: Chas MOORE, Thos GRAY. Rec: 16 May 1789 Nath;l MITCHELL, Proth’y (page 16 Land Records Sussex Co. Del 1789-1792 by Judith K. Ardine)

0-14:573.  Deed.  This Indenture made 13 Sep 1791 between George MITCHELL, Robert HOUSTON, William MOORE,  John COLLINS & Rhoads SHANKLAND Commissioners apptd by DE Gnrl Assbly to relocate Seat of Justice from Lewes to more central part of Sussex cnty, DE, of the one part & Thomas MARVEL son of Philip for the use of his son Abraham Harris MARVEL when of age of sd cnty & state of the other part.  Sd Commissioners for the sum of 4s hath sold unto Thomas MARVEL Lott No 42 situate in George Town at corner of Bedford Street & Strawberry Alley containing 2? Sq perches.  Sd Commissioners appoint Thomas LAWS or Seth GRIFFEN or Robert JONES as their Attorney.  Signed Geo MITCHELL, John COLLINS, Rhoads SHANKLAND.  Wit: K BATSON, G HAZZARD.  Ack: 11 Nov 1791. (page 207 Land Records 1789-1792 by Judith K. Ardine)

12 Mar 1805.  Deed.  PHILIP MARVEL the elder of Nanticoke Hund Suss Co and BETSEY his wife for $360 sold to WARREN PRETTYMAN of same co farmer … a tr of land in Dagsborough Hund 50 a. originally granted by patent from the proprietary of MD bearing date 2 Jul 1754 unto a certain JOHN BEVINS called Bevens Peace also all the land granted by DEL bearing date 12 Oct 1797 unto the afsd PHILIP MARVEL called Marvels Luck 145 a.  84 sq perches, s side of road from Indian River to Deep Cr. And w side of ZACKIRIAH JONES resurvey and e side of land called Bevens Peace to bounder lately made by ROWLAND BEVENS, to lands of WILLIAM RODNEY Senr… surveyed 20 Nov 1793 by JESSE SOUNDERS for RHEAD SHANKLAND esqr surveyor of Suss in pursuance of a warrant dated 18 Oct year afsd granted to THOMAS MARVEL (son of ROBERT)  who by his will devised the same to PHILIP MARVEL party to these presents.  Wit: JOSIAH MARVEL, THOMAS PRETTYMAN.  Ackn 6 Mar 1805 before ISAAC COOPER judge.  (A2pg:48-50) (page 121 Land Record of Sussex Co. Delaware – Various Dates 1693-1698-, 1715 by Mary Marshall Brewer )

Land Records Sussex County Delaware 1769-1782 Deed Book L No 11 & M No. 12 by F. Edward Wright

429.  Deed.  Philip Marvel from Thomas Marvel.  20 May 1776.  Between Thomas Marvel, Senr. Of Worcester Co. formerly but now Sussex Co. and Philip Marvel of said co., planter.  Whereas a parcel of land in Indian River Hundred, 100 acres, granted by Proprietary of Maryland to afsd.  Thomas Marvel by patent dated Sept 1760.  Of which land is sold 54 ½ acres for 10(pounds).  Wit:  Francis Johnson, Rhoads Shankland, David Rankin.  Ackn. 7 Feb. (page 206)