Photos of Descendents of Prettyman Marvel

I was sent a couple of notebooks containing various photos that were collected by Mrs. Muriel Smith a couple of years ago. I have now digitized them to share with you and the ancestors of Prettyman Marvel. Prettyman’s family migrated to Southern Indiana and Illinois. Since 1900, Prettyman Marvel’s family has spread across to other western states as well as Indiana and Illinois.


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William Prettyman Marvel
Wiley Marvel & Charity Fugat Clark
Rebecca Jane Gambrel
Sarah Elizabeth Marvel
Herbert Monroe & Mary Jane (Marvel) Travis
George Dallas Armstrong
Rebecca Barr Marvel
Henry Storey Marvel
William T. Marvel
Nancy Teal Marvel
Valetta Grace Marvel at 16 months
Valetta Grace Marvel
Marmaduke Marvel
James and Maria (Gambrel) Marvel
Mary (Gambrel) Marvel
Inez (Beers) Travis
George Lester Travis
Ona Evely Marvel
Louise Marvel
Louise Marvel and her sister

Marvel Children – John Everett – Ethel Fern – Eva May
William Justin & Gertrude (Bowman) Marvel
Dr. William H & Dr. Annie L. (Swan) Zorger
Carl & Viola (Marvel) Stamm
William F. & Mary J. (Loer) Marvel and son John
John & Mary Jane (Marvel) Grigsby
Children of James & Maria (Gambrel) Marvel
William & Mary Ann (Gambrel) Marvel and Minnie (Gambrel) Hammmett
Edward M. Marvel Family Home – Edward – Ada – William – Viola – Harry – Rosa – Ray and Amy
Edward Minor & Ada (Dryden) Marvel Family
Edward M. Marvel Family – Ordie William – Vola May – Harry Edward – Rose Fay – Amy Dale
Edward M. Marvel Family about 1940
Edward M. & Ada (Dryden) Marvel Family group photo
Bryon Orr & Muriel (Marvel) Smith
Ellery Everett & Betty Marie (Frome) Marvel
Nathan Patrick Davis Family in 1967 (with names below)
Nathan Patrick Davis Family – 1967
Prettyman Marvel & his Family
William Prettyman Marvel & Family – 1938
William Prettyman & Sons (right to left) – William Prettyman – John W – Alonzo – Edward – Tom Garrett
Carl & Viola (Marvel) Stramm Family – Russell-Doris-Lyle-and Rolland in back
Charles & Valerie (Pritekel) Marvel Family
Children of Wiley & Elizabeth Marvel
Harry Edward & Alice (West) Marvel and son Harry Edward Jr.
Alice (West) & Harry Edward Marvel – Roxie Lee (Marvel) & Jimmie Keith Frost
(Back row) – Harry Jr.-Marlyn J.-Ray Marvel Jr.-Darlene Curl (Front row) – Doris May Marvel-Friend-John Kellogg-Billy Kellogg-Roxanne Marvel
Photo Taken in Grand Island, Nebraska – Nov. 1967
William Prettyman & Wilhemia (Sundermeir) Marvel Family
William Prettyman Marvel along with Viola (Marvel) Stamm -Doris Stamm – Darrell – Ada (Dryden) Marvel
William Prettyman Marvel (center) and Others
William Prettyman & Wilhemia (Sundermeir) Marvel

Veron & Mildred (Burwell) Smith’s 50th Anniversary
Veron & Mildred (Burwell) Smith’s 50th
Harry Wallace & Rose Fay (Marvel) Curl
Mary J. (Loer) Armstrong & Rebecca (Marvel) Loer
Luke and Pauline Marvel
James Wiley & Melissa (French) Marvel
Hattie Catherine (Marvel) Nielsen
Flave Enis & Amy Dale (Marvel) Kellogg
Douglas A & Ella (Armstrong) Yeakle
Christopher Beck ( The youngest to attend the 1967 Marvel Reunion)
Dr. George & Ida May (Marvel) Starkey
Poster for a Closing-Out Sales for Otis Marvel

Marvel Family Reunions over the Years

1929/1930 Marvel Family Reunion in Argonia, Kansas
Name listing for the 1929/1930 Reunion in Kansas
Marvel Family Reunion in Phillips, Nebraska with the William Prettyman Marvel on the right (no listing)
Marvel Family Reunion of 1965 in Weldon Springs State Park – Clinton, Illinois
Marvel Family Reunion of 1965 with listing locations for each individual
1965 Marvel Reunion Names Listing Part 1
1965 Marvel Reunion Names Listing Part 2
1994 Marvel Family Reunion held again at Weldon Springs State Park – Clinton, Illinois
1994 Marvel Reunion Name Listing Part 1
1994 Marvel Reunion Name Listing Part 2
1994 Marvel Reunion Name Listing Part 3
1995 Marvel Family Reunion with the names listed on photo