Various Videos that I Like

On this page I will be putting photos that I have taken along with other items of interest. Some of them may be videos made from old 8 mm film and old video tapes that have been digitized over the years. Please enjoy when you view this page.

Family Videos

Home movies taken by my dad Donald Marvel

The Glorious Sky Photos by Alan and Music by

A Video with my wife and our family with our favorite Song – Never My Love by The Association.

The 50th anniversary video of my Mother and Father-in-Law Dee and Wilma Steininger
This is my video of a trip to New York City first with my wife Ruth in 1971 and then with my daughter in 2018 – music from: and

Videos from Family Trips

Video from Our Trip to Newfoundland 2009

Videos from Newfoundland Tourist Bureau

Some Videos that I like

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh