Family Photos of Genevieve Simms and Her Family

The photos that follow are from the estate of Genevieve Simms.  They were shared with me by Kathy Hall.  Her husband found them among items he bought at an estate auction in 1995.  I am sorry for the poor quality of the photographs.  I have tried to make some corrections when I scanned them. The photographs have not aged very well in many cases.  I have not been able to identify many of the individuals.

Genevieve is the daughter of Rosa Mae Marvel and Leonza Marion Simms.  Rosa Mae is the daughter of George W. Marvel and Sarah Lucinda Dickerson.  George is the son of Robert Marvel III and Sarah Wilkins.

The obituary for Genevieve Simms was found in the April 21, 2001 edition of the Indianapolis Star.  The obituary stated that Genevieve was a beautician for 40 years at the Approved Beauty Salon in Clermont, Indiana.  She retired in 1993.  Many of the photos on this page are not named because I was unable to find who they were.  There are duplicates because I was able to improve how they look.

Genevieve M. Simms

William R. and Hazel I. Simms Mrs. Rosa Simms and Family Sarah Bonita Simms Julian JonesEmma Estella Simms

Clinton WatsonPossible George Wing Mr. TillisonAnna Laura and Robert Jeremy

Click on this link to see several post cards that were found with the photos