Appendix I

Alan’s Special Pages

Alan’s Page – Special Videos and Photos from Alan and Ruth Marvel

Various Home Movies -Our Family – Made from 8mm film

Various Videos That I Like – Ones That I made and others

World War II Photos Taken By Donald Marvel

Leo Cafe located in Leo, Indiana — A Story by Alan Marvel

Genealogy Information

Information About Indiana – Illinois and Ohio

History of Delaware 1609 – 1888 by J. Thomas Scharf

Cemeteries and Tombstones

The National Road

Newspaper Articles

Marvels Listed As Being In the Civil War

The History of the 79th Regiment of the Indiana Volunteer Army in the Civil War

Marvel Deeds in Sussex County

Information on the Prettyman Family

Outline of Descendancy for the Marvels

A Somerset Sampler – Marvel Family pg 175-181

Information on John Marvell found on RootsWeb

Master Index Accomack County Virginia

Tax Rolls of Accomack County, Virginia – 1663 to 1695

The Prettyman Marvel Family Reunions


Yesterday and Today by Dr. J.E. Marvel and Mrs. Ethel Marvel Blomberg

Books and Histories of the Marvel Family





Appendix I — 1 Comment

  1. Alan,

    This is Robert Marvil, age 27 currently located in Denver, CO, originally from Atlanta, GA. I have a follow-up question surrounding our first ancestors here in America.

    I am aware that John Marvel, son of Thomas Marvel Sr, was born on 04 Aug 1632 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England. He died on 29 Jul 1707 in Accomack, Virginia, United States. What I find interesting is that you found evidence of one Robert Maruel/Marvel listed as one of those killed in the Massacre of March 1622. lists Robert Maruel as arriving in Virginia in 1622. An older John Marvell, born 1535 in Cambridgeshire, had a son Robert Marvel born in 1561. He would have been in his late 40s/50s when Capt. Smith set sails. I find it incredible interesting the info you found on Capt. Smith’s precinct that included Robert Maruel. Is it possible that Robert Maruel/Marvil was the first who made the voyage from England? Would love to engage in a more in depth conversation about this.


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