My Ged Family File

Welcome to My Genealogy page. Listed below are names of families and names of individuals who have pasted. This information was found in my genealogy GED file. This listing has those attached to the various family trees that I have worked on. Click on a ‘letter’ in the heading below and it will bring up all of those listed with last names or such beginning with that letter. As an example, clicking on the letter “M” will bring up names beginning with the letter “M”. Now, it will list all of those with the last name “M” found in my tree. Unfortunately, the block of “Marvel” names is large and it takes a long time to load.

The result will be a listing of facts about the individual including occupations, birth, baptism, death, burial and residence if included in the persons information. Several will have information concerning their parents, wife and children. That information can then be found by clicking on the “show tree” button.

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