David Marvel’s Civil War Information

David J. Marvel

David J. Marvel son of Robert Marvel III enlisted on September 2, 1862.  He was assigned to the 79th Indiana Infantry Company K during the Civil War.  He started his training in Louisville, Kentucky by October of 1862.  Unfortunately, David had a case of Heat Stroke while in Nashville.  He was in and out of several hospitals in the months that followed.  David was never in any actual battles during the war.  He did receive a medical honorable discharge from the Union Army on August 31, 1863.  David applied for a service pension after the war.  Over the rest of David’s life he applied for and was granted several increases  as well as several decreases in his war pension.

I have researched David’s pension file while at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. .  The file is rather large and contains several pages of Depositons made by David Marvel, his family, and others that were eye witnesses to his medical condition during the war.

Click on the following to see several of the pages from David J. Marvel’s pension file as well as depositions and Company Muster Roll documents.  

Muster Roll Sheets for David J. Marvel – Civil War

Disability Discharge Information for David J. Marvel 

(1) Arrangement Sheet of Papers in Invalid Cases – Civil War – David J. Marvel

(2) Pension information for David J. Marvel – Civil War

(3) Deposition B & E for David J. Marvel – Civil War   (Deposition B was completed by Victoria Parish – David’s Daughter)  (Deposition E was completed by Joshua Miller – David’s friend)

Pages from David J. Marvel’s Pension File (I gathered this information at the National Archives Washington, D.C.)