The Marvel Family History

The information on this page has been copied from the Remembrances Volume compiled by Robert and Muriel (Marvel) Smith in 1995/1996. Their version has been referred to as the “S” version of the Marvel history.

“This document is a compilation of information on the progeny of ‘Iohn Marvell’ who was a seventeenth century emigrant to America. One information source was a series of reports distributed at the annual reunions of 1920 through 1933. These reports were compiled into a single, 319 page, document which is referred to, in this document, as the “M” version of the Marvel history. These reports were developed by Dr. John Everett Marvel [61334121], Mrs. Ethel (Marvel) Blomberg [61334123], and Mrs. Ella (Armstrong) Yeakel [613346(10) ]. Another source was a document, 280 pages in length, that was originally distributed circa 1969. This document focused on the progeny of Prettyman Marvel, Jr. [61334] and is referred to as the “B” version. It was researched and compiled by Mrs. Mildred (Marvel) Burwell [61334(10)32]. The remaining information came from extensive files developed by Burwell and information collected by the author of this document. AIl of these source materials will be placed on file at the Vespasian Warner Public Library, Clinton, IL. This document was conpiled by Robert and Muriel (Marvel) Smith [61334(10)711] and will be referred to as the “S” version. Where infomation for this version was extracted from the earlier versions credit and page numbers are given. In the Progeny Narrations these credits are given following the name of the lineage member. A Source credit to “M230” indicates the information came from the “M” version, page 230. New information is identified with the year of distribution. A “S94″ indicates the information was taken from sources other than M and B and used in the document distributed in 1994, the original sources being in the deposited file. Other Eource codes are used where a document was used that applied to a specific branch of the family tree. The origin of this information is noted at the place of first use.”

Marvel Genealogy by Robert and Muriel (Marvel) Smith dated August 5, 1996






This section contains the Wills of various members of the Marvel family along with the Petition for David Marvel and Orphan Court information.




The Progeny Index is based on the system of cross-referencing that had been started by Mrs. Mildred (Marvel) Burwell. This information was used by the Smith’s in their “M” version of the MARVEL GENEALOGY dated June 7, 1995.

The Lineage Code portion of the Smith’s ‘Introduction’ states – “This system assigns a unique code to each lineage member of the family. The code consists of a series of numbers each indicating the sibling position in that generation. A “6” indicates that the person was the sixth child born in that family in that generation.”
So the family of John Marvell is listed as follows:
John Marvel (1st Generation) is listed as – 6
His children (2nd Generation) are listed as :
Thomas Marvel Sr. – 61
John Marvel Jr. – 62
Thomas Marvel Sr.’s Children (3rd Generation) are:
Abigail – 611
Tilley (Viley) Clear – 612
David Sr. – 613
Thomas Marvel Jr. – 614
Philip Marvel Sr. – 615
Robert Marvel (Planter) – 616
Each generation will build on the 3rd generations number.
(Please refer to the Lineage Code portion of the ‘Introduction’ portion of the Marvel Family History for a more detailed explanation of how this code is used)

The Remembrance Index is a listing of those that have been mentioned in this book

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