Videos by Brett and Kimberly Marvel Putnam

Brett Putnam has a degree in radio and has spent his career in multimedia and book publishing. He is also a songwriter. He sang and played the piano as well as writing marvelous songs. That was until at the age of 48 he suffered a debilitating stroke. As Kim, his wife, wrote to me – the stroke “forced his retirement and the end of pretty much everything“. His stroke paralyzed him from the neck down. See the video below to see Brett and Kimberly’s story.

Mar 9, 2019 – The writing of this song started out as a joke. My husband loves and writes (and plays, and hums, and sings …) country music. I’m not a fan. One day while I was doing the dishes, he was dinking around on the piano and mimicking some country song he liked. I inserted some sarcastic diatribe and sang in an off-key tone, “I wake to face another day, wish the pain would go away ….!” and rolled my eyes. He put a tune to it and came up with the next line. We continued to battle back and forth, each of us trying to “out-cheese” the other, and by the time it was all said and done, even I had to admit it made a pretty decent country song. Brett hollered to a very talented friend of his, providing him a very rough piano version, and a couple of weeks later, his friend had zinged back a not-too-shabby track. It was never intended to be “the” track, just something they had fun working on together. We had told him to re-do the piano part, as the beat was off / the rhythms were rough. He kept Brett’s original piano in there, however, and now we’re glad he did in a big way! In May of 2013, Brett had a hemorrhagic stroke that left him paralyzed from the chin down. Although he’s healed up a great deal, he’s still very crippled and can’t play the piano or sing. We are SO GRATEFUL we have this ONE song with his piano playing in the background. After Brett had recovered from his stroke for a couple of years, I thought it would be nice to have the song finished as a gift. We were very fortunate to find Jeff, as he nailed the way we wanted the vocals to sound. What started out as a joke has become something we are really glad we have, and we hope that some people out there will get some enjoyment in listening to it as well … country music lovers and country music haters alike! πŸ™‚

Brett and Kimberly Putnam’s Story

This video was put together by Kim Putnam to tell the story of husband Brett Putnam’s stroke and their lives after with the help of their faith in God.