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I have been collecting genealogy information on the branches of my Family Tree for many years.  I hope that the information that you find is both interesting and informative.

I would like to dedicate these pages to my wife Ruth.  Through the years, she has spent countless hours in libraries and historical societies while I researched and gathered information on our families.  With her support and encouragement the work that you will see here could not have been accomplished.  For that I will always be grateful.

The families that I have on the branches of our tree are:
1.  The Marvel Family
2. The Hayes Family
3.  The Hardesty Family
4.  The Steininger Family
5.  The Weaver Family
6.  And other Associated Families

Enjoy!  Please comment when you visit.  Thank you again for visiting.


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  1. Hi Alan, I’m descended from Levin Booth and Nancy Marvel. Parker Booth and Alice Hewes were my gg grandparents. Parker booth and Sarah Craig were my g grandparents and Bartram R Booth and Jennie Gordner were my grandparents and Bartram R Booth and Constance E Ryder were my parents. I was impressed by the extent and accurancy of your info. I have a few more tidbits if you are interested.

    • Good Afternoon.

      Thank you for your comments on the website. It is always good hearing from other members of the Marvelous Marvel family. The website is a “work in progress”. I have so many things that I want to do with the information that I have gathered over the years. How do you like what I have done so far? Is it easy to understand and navigate between the different areas? I have tried to keep the information as general as possible in the later generations because of identity theft.

      I am always interested in any information about the Marvel family. Anything that adds, expands or clarifies items about the Marvels is always welcome. If you have pictures to share please email them to: marvelalan@sbcglobal.net.

      I am looking forward to further ‘conversations’.

      Alan Marvel

      • Hi,
        My dad is a Marvel, my uncle has been tracing our family for years, and we’ve gotten stuck at a William James Marvel born in 1831. I saw you have a William J Marvel born in 1831 listed in the lineage of Thomas Marvel Sr, but you have no marriage or kids listed for him. Do you know for a fact that he had none, or could this be our guy?

  2. Thank you so much. I am doing a family history of the Marvel’s and have found your web site very helpful. I am the descendant of Martin Luther Marvel my grandfather.
    Thank you so very much

    • My father was John Rhuben Marvel (1904-1967), my grandfather was Selby Burton Marvel (1868-1947), and my greatfather was James B. Marvel (1821-1902). I am new at this and I haven’t been able to find any reference to the parents of James B. Marvel. Any help would be appreciated. I am in awe of all the time and effort you have put into your research. I look forward to your response.

      • I am also descended from James B. Marvel. I have his death certificate which states that he was the son of Abraham Marvil and Betsey Benson. I am descended from James B. Marvil’s oldest son, William Thomas Marvil.

    September 11, 1894-January 4, 1988
    His father, John Thomas Marvel, Carl’s mother, Mary Lucy Wasson.
    He was chemist at the University of IL.
    My question:
    Does anyone have information how Carl got his middle name, Shipp?
    My maiden name is Shipp and would like to know how he got his middle name.
    Thank you.
    Gloria Frazier

  4. I am a King descendent thru Thomas King and Jincey Adeline Marvel. I am having trouble tracking Jincey (Adeline’s) father – Jonathan P. Marvel. I have him marrying Alexzine Bowden in 1855 and they show up together thru 1880. Then Elexzine appears on census reports without Jonathan. I found another marriage certificate to a Mariah Jane Hastings in 1894 but I’m not sure if this is the same Jonathan. The age seems correct. I also can not find a death certificate or birth certificate for him. Some family trees show him as a son of Kendal Marvel, but he is a mystery also. Kendal has no birth certificate or death certificate and has been listed as a son of Thomas Marvel. Please help if you can. I am stuck.

  5. I am searching for a Martha Jane Talbert Marvel, at least that’s what I’ve been told her name was. She was supposedly born around 1816-1818 in Milton, Sussex County, Delaware. She was married in 1835 to Samuel Montgomery Pullen in Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • I believe Martha was Dean marvel child who was the son of Parker and prudence marvel. His sister was Nancy marvel booth who is my ggggrandmother.

  6. Thanks for the information on the Steiningers. I am descended from Anna Margaret Steininger Ritterthrough her grandaughter Henrietta Ritter Deshler.
    I appreciate your confirmation on the early family.

  7. Just one additional item – the date of death on Christian Leonard’s grave, and in the records of the Jerusalem Salisbury Church is 1771.

  8. Hi Alan,
    Thanks so much for all the information you have gathered. This site is fascinating.

    I am pretty sure that Mamie Dee Marvel listed on your pages is my greatgrandmother. She was born in 1890 to Wilson Shannon and Louella ‘Lou’ Swigert and gave birth to my grandmother Pleasie Louella Mahala Melton on Oct. 9, 1916. (as well as six other children, including Marie Labonne McKnight and Jackie.)

  9. Hi!

    Great web site. It helped with some clarification on the family. I am the great grandson of George Elwood Marvel who married Delia Glynn and lived and worked in and around New York City. George and Delia had several children, one of whom was my grandmother; Gertrude Marvel Kinneally. Please let me know if you need the info.

    Tom Phillips
    Collegeville PA

  10. Not sure how I stumbled on your website, but I’m very glad I did. Your genealogy of the Marvel Family is the clearest and best I’ve seen. (I am a descendant of Thomas Sr., through Phillip Phillip [do you know why the double name?], David, David, David G, and Bertha. I still need to read your notes on many of the individuals.

    It looks like you have seen a few of my notes, e.g. the death date of Joseph B Marvel, brother of David G. The Bible referred to was originally owned by Joseph’s wife, Ruth, and then passed on to my grandmother, Bertha, because Joseph and Ruth’s children all died in infancy. I have the Bible now.

    Although he is not in my direct line, I have puzzled, like many others, over the wives of David Marvel, the son of Thomas Sr. You list his last three children as being born before the 1789 marriage to Sally Prettyman. Do you think they had children before the marriage? Is there any evidence he divorced Comfort Prettyman? I have seen many conflicting stories about David and his “Salla.” Just wondering what you think.

    Thanks for all your work and help to me in verifying what I have.

  11. Robert Marvel was my great,great,great,grandfather. John Marvel my was my great,great grandfather. William Marvel was my great grandfather, Hugh Marvel was my grandfather, and Milo Marvel was my father. Thank you for all you hard work and research Alan.

  12. All I can say is “WOW” I stumble onto this page looking for info on my granmother-Floris Marvel nee Dorton. She was married to Robert Eugene Marvel (Reuben5, Lewis Luke G4, Elisha3 Jr., Elisha2 Sr., Thomas1 Jr.). I didn’t even know what I was looking at, and in 10min I was able to navigate through the entire line. Great work! I’m sure the all the Marvels on this small branch are going to go crazy to see what you have accomplished. Many Thanks!

  13. Thanks to you, I have learnt a lot about my ancestors, so I wanted to thank you for what you have done.

    I am a grandson of GILBERT L. HARDESTY, son of 32. DELMER8 HARDESTY (Ada Aldora7 Moss, Alexious ‘Elexious’ D.6 Moss, John George5 Maus, George4 Maus, Johann Friedrich Ludwig3 Mauss, Johann Ludwig2 Mauss, Hans Georg1 Maus)

  14. I am Beth Marvel Lewis, the daughter of William Robert Marvel. My grandfather is Clarence Marvel who was born in 1899 in a log cabin on Wilson Road in Hendricks, Co.

  15. Hi Alan, Distant cousin Edward here. I’m in the genealogy way down. Really great to read through this. If you are curious my full name is Edward Bredell Showell Marvel (you missed a middle name) and I was born 1/17/1963, child of Jackson Marvel Jr. Again, many thanks for your work!

  16. My parents were Gerald Wilson Marvel, Sr. And Mary Mildred, neeCox, Marvel of Posey
    County, Indiana. Marvel grandparents were Welzie Ott Marvel and Bertha, nee Wilson, Marvel. I am youngest of 3 Children of Gerald Sr and Mary. My Brother Gerald Jr and his wife, Betty Joyce, nee Freeman, Marvel both died in Tell City, Perry County, Indiana in year of 2012. My brother, Billy Dave Marvel died in Deaconess Hospital, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana in 2005, at that time his residence address was Crossville, IL. Although he actually lived in a settlement called Phillipstown, IL. Gerald, Sr. And Mary Marvel’s branch of the Marvel Family Tree is extensive. I have 4 children, 9 grands and 6 greats at this date, 10/19/2015. Billy Dave has 8 Children, Gerald, Jr. has 1 living daughter, son, Larry deceased. I believe he has 3 grandsons, 7 great grandchildren. Thank you for your web site. My Aunt, Martha Marie Marvel (James Clifford) Calvert had given me printed copies of part of your info which had been published in a North Posey County Newspaper called “The Cynthiana Argus”. You have my email and I would be happy to fill in some blanks re our branch, if you want, just let me know.
    Thank you again. Bettye Marvel (married name was Hinton, legally restored maiden name of Marvel).

  17. I have been working on David Marvel Jr. but have different dates. You show David b. 1771, Burton b. 1769 and Elizabeth b. 25 Oct 1789. If these dates are correct then David Jr. and Burton would be sons of Comfort Prettyman not Sarah “Sallie” Prettyman. David Marvel Sr. Married Sarah Prettyman on 5 June 1789 which I believe is correct but two of her three children were born before she was married to David Marvel Sr. My research may be off so any leads to sources is appreciated. I have David Jr. b. 1791, Burton b. 1796 and Elizabeth b. 1789. Thank you for all the work you have done.

    • I have posted an updated version of the family of David Marvel Sr. along side the older version until I can transition some of the information from the old to the new.

  18. Hello Allan,
    I recently discovered that I am related to the Marvels. My grandmother was Edith R. Marvel (1899-1960) her father was Jehu Clifton Marvel (1871-1941) his father was Theodore Marvel (1831-1906) his father was John Marvel (1794-1850) and his father was Philip Marvel (1758-1794). It was so fun finding all of this information on your website. Until recently I didn’t know my lineage past my grandmother Edith (whom I never even met because she passed before I was born). Are there any historical buildings or landmarks in southern Delaware or Maryland connected to the Marvels?

  19. I am the grandson of George Collins Marvel. Your work is fantastic. Thanks so much!!! George Collins Disharoon

  20. Wonderful work Alan! I was able to get beyond James W. Marvel through your pages and some confirmation from mtDNA testing and comparison on Ancestry.com.

  21. Hello Mr. Marvel. Thanks for this very interesting site about the Marvel family. My wife and I live at 1601 Willson Avenue Webster City Iowa, built by Colonel Charles Wiley Marvel. We have no photos of the home when it was new (1911) or the Marvels and hope you might be able to help us. Many thanks in advance.

    Bob Oliver

  22. Hello Alan, What a great body of work. I am the granddaughter of Orpha Marvel who was the daughter of Jasper Marvel. I am able to add information to bring this branch more up to date if you let me know how to do so. I have done research on the Marvels for a long time. Please tell me why you start the generation numbering with Thomas Jr . and not with John Marvel. This interests me. Congratulations on this amazing website.
    Carol Wakeman

  23. Hi Alan, I am a descendant of Mary Marvell and Edmund Popple, so was delighted to find your site. My 3 x Great grandparents were William Draper and Catherine Popple. Have been researching the Draper line and now branching out to the Popple family. The information on your site is wonderful. My daughter is studying law at present and recently did philosophy studying some of John Locke’s works…..was thrilled to find that one of the William Popple’s translated some of his work and that John Locke was a friend of Andrew Marvell the poet as well. Congratulations on the amount of research you have done. regards Mary Twyford

  24. Hi Alan, We have a common relative (Effie Stoops Marvel) married to William M. Marvel. I have been trying to find her mother’s information. Martha Ann Woods (Anna). Anna would be my great great grandmother. I have found her birth date as March 10, 1855 also 1856 & 1857. No death date or location.
    I do have information on her daughter, Idora, her family and marriages if you are interested in that. We are descended from Idora. I can’t find any sources for Anna and thought possibly you might have some information. Thank you for your time.

  25. Hello Alan, I’ve been looking for my gr-grandfather grandfather Peter Parker marvel, married to Priscilla ottwell, can’t find his parents. His father is suppose to be Thomas, but….hope you can help

  26. I am a descendent William Ford Marvel and Margaret Smith. Herman James Marvel was my grandfather. You have listed Sara B. McFall as his spouse. She was his second wife. The first was my grandmother, Helena Marion Kleiber b. 19 July 1909 in Philadelphia, PA and died 29 Feb. 1964 in Wilmington, DE. They had one child. Helen Ruth b. 12 June 1934

    Thank you for sharing your work and giving confirmation to my own.

  27. Adam….I found the information on the Marvel family fascinating. My father’s name was Alphonso Hazzard Marvel, he was the youngest son of a Aaron Dagworthy Marvel and Harriet Hazzard. I had only met one of my uncles in my lifetime. My dad had me was he was approaching 50 so I never know my grandparents. I am now 53 years old.

    If I can add any information to your tree, feel free to contact me.

  28. Hi Alan,
    Great info on your site. I am the great granddaughter of George E. Marvel (b.1873). My maternal grandmother was Gertrude Marvel and my mother was Mary Kinneally. It is quite interesting to see so many of the Marvels in Seaford, DE as that it where I was born in 1952. My father worked for DuPont and we lived there until 1957.
    Thanks for all of the work you have done. So…how are we related?
    Carol Cahill Grady

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