January 6, 2019


Over the last several years, I have gotten a lot of genealogy information on the Marvelous Marvel family from various sources around the U.S. I am very thankful for them sharing information with me. It has helped me on my journey through the Marvel history. I plan on donating these information nuggets to the Fort Wayne, Indiana Public Library over during this year. I would like to share with others that has been shared with me.

I am currently going through the Marvel Annual Reunion information from the 1920’s. These are the annual reunion ‘notes’ posted for the Prettyman Marvel Sr. family that located in southern Indiana and middle Illinois. I find that I have only scratched the surface with what I have gathered over the years. I am currently going through the information compiled by Ella Armstrong Yeakel in the – ANNUAL REUNION AT PEORIA – 1924. (the fifth annual reunion). The article is titled – THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF PRETTYMAN MARVEL, SR. – Part 1 – John Marvel.

Anyone looking for a good source of information on the Prettyman Marvel family please take a look at the Marvel Annual Reunion information here – https://alan.marvelfamily.net/genealogy-welcome-page/appendix-ii/the-prettyman-marvel-family-reunions/

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