Greenlawn Cemetery – Brownsburg, Indiana

LLoyd W. & Sylvia WilkinsLloyd W. & Sylvia Wilkins 2  Lorinda H. McCroryLorinda H. McCrory (2)  Martha Brown wife of J.W. BrownMartha Brown 2  Oris L Worrell Robert Hough son of Fred & Lena Hough 2 Robert Hough son of Fred & Lena Hough Sergt William M. Brown Co.I 79th Ind Inf. Vulney & Susan Brown 4Vulney & Susan Brown 3  Vulney & Susan Brown   William & Lucy J. BrownWilliam Brown CO O 5 Ind Inf Mexican WareWilliam & Lucy J. Brown 2 William M & Tammar C. BrownWilliam M & Tammar C. Brown 2  Wm Brown Co 0 5 Ind Inf Mexcan War Clara Hellen Hough daughter of Fred & Lena Hough Claude Wm. Hough Cleo H. Worrell Daniel D. BrownDaniel D. Brown 3Daniel D. Brown 2   DSCF9333greenlawn Elmer E. McCrory Estella C. McCroryEstella C. McCrory wife of E.E. McCrory

Frank L. Simms son of Leonzo & Rosa SimmsFrank L. Simms 4Frank L. Simms 2

Fred & Lena M HoughFred & Lena M. Hough 2  George & Lucinda C. Marvel 2George & Lucinda C. Marvel George McQuown 2 George McQuown George W. BrownGeorge W. Brown 2 George W. Brown Co.K 79th Ind Inf George W. Brown Co.K. 79th Ind Inf. 2  Herman C. Hough

Hiram E. & Lucinda M. Brown Hiram E. & Lucinda M. Brown 2Isaac & Lydia Pearvy

James E. BrownJames E. Brown 2  Jesse E & Eva S Worrell Jesse E. & Eva S. Worrell 2 John F. & Dora B. BrownJohn F. & Dora B Brown 2  John F. Brown  Dora B. Brown Josiah & Nancy MarvelJosiah & Nancy Marvel 5  Leonzo M & Rosa M Simms Leonzo M & Rosa Simms 2 Lizzie Brown Moore 2 Lizzie Brown Moore

Photographs taken by Alan Marvel